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Ramage, George (D) 11 Jan 1959 Byron, ON, CAN
Ramsay, Beattie (D) 12 Dec 1895 Lumsden, SK, CAN
Randall, Ken (R) 14 Dec 1888 Kingston, ON, CAN
Ranger, Paul (D) 12 Sep 1984 Whitby, ON, CAN
Raycroft, Andrew (G) 4 May 1980 Belleville, ON, CAN
Raymond, Mason (L) ANA 17 Sep 1985 Cochrane, AB, CAN
Reaume, Marc (D) 7 Feb 1934 La Salle, ON, CAN
Reese, Jeff (G) 24 Mar 1966 Brantford, ON, CAN
Regan, Larry (R) 9 Aug 1930 North Bay, ON, CAN
Reichel, Robert (C) 25 Jun 1971 Litvinov, CZE
Reid, Dave (C) 11 Jan 1934 Toronto, ON, CAN
Reid, David (L) 15 May 1964 Toronto, ON, CAN
Reid, Reg (L) 17 Feb 1899 Seaforth, ON, CAN
Reimer, James (G) FLA 15 Mar 1988 Morweena, MB, CAN
Renberg, Mikael (R) 5 May 1972 Pitea, SWE
Reynolds, Bobby (L) 14 Jul 1967 Flint, MI, USA
Rhodes, Damian (G) 28 May 1969 St. Paul, MN, USA
Ribble, Patrick (D) 26 Apr 1954 Leamington, ON, CAN
Richardson, Luke (D) 26 Mar 1969 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Ridley, Charles (G) 23 Sep 1951 Minnedosa, MB, CAN
Ridley, Michael (C) 8 Jul 1963 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Rielly, Morgan (D) TOR 9 Mar 1994 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Ritchie, Dave (D) 12 Jan 1892 Montreal, QC, CAN
Roach, John ross (G) 23 Jun 1900 Port Perry, ON, CAN
Roach, Mickey (C) 1 May 1895 Boston, MA, USA
Robert, Rene (R) 31 Dec 1948 Trois-Rivieres, QC, CAN
Roberts, Gary (L) 23 May 1966 North York, ON, CAN
Robertson, Fred (D) 22 Oct 1911 Carlisle, GBR
Robidas, Stephane (D) TOR 3 Mar 1977 Sherbrooke, QC, CAN
Rodden, Eddie (C) 22 Mar 1901 Mattawa, ON, CAN
Rollins, Al (G) 9 Oct 1926 Vanguard, SK, CAN
Romnes, Doc (L) 1 Jan 1909 White Bear Lake, MN, USA
Root, William (D) 6 Sep 1959 Toronto, ON, CAN
Rosehill, Jay (L) 16 Jul 1985 Olds, AB, CAN
Rouse, Robert (D) 18 Jun 1964 Surrey, BC, CAN
Rupp, Duane (D) 29 Mar 1938 MacNutt, SK, CAN
Rutherford, James (G) 17 Feb 1949 Beeton, ON, CAN
Rychel, Warren (L) 12 May 1967 Tecumseh, ON, CAN
Rynnas, Jussi (G) 22 May 1987 Pori, FIN
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