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Anderson, John (R) 28 Mar 1957 Toronto, ON, CAN
Aubin, Normand (C) 26 Jul 1960 St. Leonard, QC, CAN
Benning, James (D) 29 Apr 1963 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Boimistruck, Fred (D) 14 Jan 1962 Sudbury, ON, CAN
Boschman, Laurie (C) 4 Jun 1960 Major, SK, CAN
Boudreau, Bruce (C) 9 Jan 1955 Toronto, ON, CAN
Derlago, William (C) 25 Aug 1958 Birtle, MB, CAN
Frycer, Miroslav (C) 27 Sep 1959 Ostrava, CZE
Gavin, Robert (R) 15 Mar 1960 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Gibson, John (C) 2 Jul 1959 St. Catharines, ON, CAN
Godden, Ernie (C) 13 Mar 1961 Toronto, ON, CAN
Harris, William (R) 29 Jan 1952 Toronto, ON, CAN
Hickey, Patrick (L) 15 May 1953 Brantford, ON, CAN
Higgins, Paul (R) 13 Jan 1962 St. John, NB, CAN
Hotham, Gregory (D) 7 Mar 1956 London, ON, CAN
Johansen, Trevor (D) 30 Mar 1957 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Korn, James (D) 28 Jul 1957 Hopkins, MN, USA
Larocque, Michel (G) 6 Apr 1952 Hull, QC, CAN
Luce, Donald (C) 2 Oct 1948 London, ON, CAN
Maloney, Daniel (L) 24 Sep 1950 Barrie, ON, CAN
Manno, Robert (D) 31 Oct 1956 Niagara Falls, ON, CAN
Marshall, Paul (L) 7 Sep 1960 Toronto, ON, CAN
Martin, Terry (L) 25 Oct 1955 Barrie, ON, CAN
McCutcheon, Darwin (D) 19 Apr 1962 Listowel, ON, CAN
McGill, Bob (D) 27 Apr 1962 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Melrose, Barry (D) 15 Jul 1956 Kelvington, SK, CAN
Muni, Craig (D) 19 Jul 1962 Toronto, ON, CAN
Paiement, Wilfred (R) 16 Oct 1955 Earleton, ON, CAN
Parent, Robert (G) 19 Feb 1958 Windsor, ON, CAN
Perlini, Fred (C) 12 Apr 1962 Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CAN
Poddubny, Walt (L) 14 Feb 1960 Thunder Bay, ON, CAN
Robert, Rene (R) 31 Dec 1948 Trois-Rivieres, QC, CAN
Saganiuk, Rocky (R) 15 Dec 1957 Myrnam, AB, CAN
Salming, Borje (D) 17 Apr 1951 Kiruna, SWE
Sittler, Darryl (C) 18 Sep 1950 Kitchener, ON, CAN
Tremblay, Vincent (G) 2 Oct 1960 Quebec City, QC, CAN
Turnbull, Ian (D) 22 Dec 1953 Montreal, QC, CAN
Vaive, Richard (R) 14 May 1959 Ottawa, ON, CAN
Yaremchuk, Gary (C) 15 Aug 1961 Edmonton, AB, CAN
Zanussi, Ronald (R) 31 Aug 1956 Toronto, ON, CAN
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